About the Authors


Elizabeth Nelson

I'm proud to be a misfit, a walking contradiction. As an academic researching into biomedical engineering my work involves gathering cold hard data. But I started out in advertising, an industry I love to this day for the way it celebrates creativity. I'm fascinated by technology and how we interact with it but I'm also a writer, optimist and dreamer. I'm Swedish-American living in Holland, which occasionally makes life nice and complicated.

As a private person, telling my story makes me a little uncomfortable. But I truly believe we need to live our lives to the fullest and this definitely includes the time we spend at work and in the office.  

More than anything else, I'm fascinated by people and I want to play my part in helping to make their lives better. I also believe they're smart and love a good story. Which is why I'm writing this book.


David Holzer

Like any halfway decent writer, I'm driven by curiosity. But, as a wise lady teacher once told me, being curious is only valuable when it leads to insight.

I write books and I ghostwrite. I'm a journalist and blogger. I work in the corporate and non-profit sector. I'm a performance poet and I write fiction. I teach yoga for writers and I mentor people who want to find their way to write.

With everything I do, my aim is to arrive at some sort of understanding of the human condition and the world we live in today. When I've arrived at an insight, I tell the story I believe needs to be told in the clearest, most engaging and entertaining way possible- sometimes by collaborating closely with experts.

I write to share insight, reveal truth and offer hope.