Is sleeping on the job the new trend for 2019?


It’s coming up for two years since we wrote The Healthy Office Revolution (THOR) and, in the Research section of the book, emphasised the benefits of natural light and greenery in offices.

A recent article by office design and space build specialists K2 referenced a survey by the company conducted with the UK’s YouGov which revealed that one in three out of a 1000 people surveyed said they would like to see more natural light in their workspace.

The same article identified greening offices as a trend to watch in 2019, 'as more and more organizations add shrubbery and plants to their offices, as well as green moss and living walls’.

While it’s always nice to be ahead of the curve, it’s more important that changes to office ecosystems such as incorporating more natural light and greenery are placed in context. As we said in THOR, ‘to be truly effective, they ‘had to be part of an entire office environment revolution’.

One thing we’re surprised the K2 piece doesn’t include is ‘nap rooms’. As Liz said not so long ago, ‘I’m hearing that more young people coming in to offices are asking where the nap room is'.

So why is the option to sleep on the job becoming increasingly popular with the new generation of employees?

Naps boost productivity

As with everything companies introduce that sounds like it could be an indulgence, there’s sound business logic behind nap rooms.

According to, ‘29 percent of workers report falling asleep or becoming very sleepy at work, and a lack of sleep costs the United States $63 billion each year in lost productivity. But a short twenty-minute nap can boost alertness and improve performance—both important when you’re on the job. ‘

But, as with introducing natural light and more greenery, it’s vital to think about the entire office ecosystem.

If a potential employee is being shown round the office and the first thing they want to know is where they can sleep, it doesn’t suggest that they’re overly enthusiastic about what they’re being shown does it?

We’re all for anything that will make offices healthier places to be, improving employee well-being at work and increasing productivity but what looks like inspiring trends have to be placed in context.

It’s all about joining the dots so where we work, what we do and how we do it are as healthy as possible. Otherwise, you could find your prized new employees hiding out in the nap room or gazing up at a living wall for hours on end.