About The Healthy Office Revolution

The Healthy Office Revolution tells the true story of how Elizabeth Nelson's battle with burnout inspired her to become a pioneering scientific researcher, join forces with the largest real estate company in the world and launch a remarkable crusade to transform office ecosystems forever.

Co-authored with David Holzer, The Healthy Office Revolution is born out of the authors' belief that an office should be a space in which we grow, work better and stay healthy. Already being called 'The Circle meets Freakonomics', it's a gripping story for our times, a radical manifesto and a blueprint for the future.

Now, more than ever, changes in the way we work mean it's critical that offices add value by becoming nurturing ecosystems. The authors have seen the astonishing transformation that takes place when positive measures based on scientific research and leading edge technology are put into place with their own eyes. 


We are on a mission to change offices for good. Will you join us?


About the Authors

About the Authors





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